There is a difference

Elephant Zen

_DSC8401“When I was growing up, we had always had dogs.  But my wife insisted on cats, and I was instantly converted.  What can I say? I’ve never seen a cat do a stupid thing.” – Lloyd Alexander, Fantasy Writer.

When talking to friends about furry matters, it seems that there are two different camps – those who are either crazy for cats or dotty about dogs. From the former group, we hear statements like:  Dogs are not for me.  They bark, roll in mud, dig holes and are just so needy.  And when it comes to the faults of felines you may hear something along these lines:  They chase birds, harass any little creature that moves and take delight in scratching the Laura Ashley lounge suite to shreds. Then there are those pet lovers who embrace the balance of yin and yang and generously…

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