How could anybody be that sad?


Today on our way to swimming lessons, my oldest granddaughter said, “Grammy, the man who was Genii [in Aladdin] died. Was it age, or was he sick?” As I tried to explain that he had a disease called depression that made him so terribly sad that he killed himself, she was shocked and horrified. “How could anybody be that sad, Grammy?” she asked.

I don’t think my answer helped her very much. Trying to describe such overwhelming sadness and despair to a bright and shiny eight-year-old was very hard. The fact that I couldn’t just wrap her in cotton balls and protect her from needing to know such things was even harder. I told her that I hoped neither she nor her little sister would ever have anything make them feel so sad that they thought they could no longer live. She said, “Believe me, I know that killing myself…

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